Don’t be discouraged: Celebrate the end of the year even away from your family

The end of the year is really a very magical time, it seems that people get more sensitive, caring and loving. Maybe because Christmas and New Year make us reflect on everything we’ve been [...]

Walking tour with SEDA College

As soon as the students get here in Dublin, they might feel a little bit confused with many different locations and places. Sometimes they even feel uncomfortable to go somewhere because they are [...]

5 bad habits to drop when learning English

When it comes to learning English as a second language, our main concern is that our students can learn it in a simple and efficient way. But to make it possible, the students need to drop some [...]


SEDA extra activities calendar is a traditional and a very important tool for our students to improve their English. For this reason, we have classes like Conversation, Grammar, Pronunciation, [...]

Jobs Expo Dublin 2018: A great chance to uplift your career

This Saturday, 28th of April from 10 am to 16 pm will be carried out Jobs Expo Dublin and it takes place in Croke Park Stadium, Dublin 3. Check out the information and the rules below and see how [...]

Iron Throne Experience: time to claim your realm

For all Game of Thrones fans, the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne will be given to you because Dublin was recently added as the newest capital city of the Seven Kingdoms. This is your [...]

April with SEDA: enjoy springtime with us

After one month of celebrations with many activities extolling St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish culture, April with SEDA comes full of news and brings with it the spring vibe and the various [...]

Sign Language Class: expand your communication skills

Besides of being a highly rated and a compromised institution, SEDA College seeks to be inclusive as well. For instance, we are bringing Sign Language classes, because we believe that expanding [...]

Art workshop: History and arts side by side

How about learning English, arts and the history of Ireland at the same time? All of this is possible at Art Workshop with SEDA. Express your artistic side and live this amazing St. [...]

SEDA College wins two prizes in Edurank Awards 2018

We proudly announce that SEDA College has won two awards at the Edurank Awards 2018, an award recognizing and celebrating the success of social media marketing in the education sector. As we [...]

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