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Stay tuned with our Notice Board! Here you can find information that we share with our students, like attendance, letters and English Immersion.


Dedicate yourself to your studies.

It is not permitted for students to take holidays during the course.

If you are having any problems with attending the school due to sickness, etc, you should talk to a member of staff.

You must arrive for your classes on time. You are not permitted to leave the classes earlier than the agreed end times. The school cannot work around your work commitments.

If you fail to attend classes, you will become inactive. If you remain inactive, you will receive a warning. If you receive three warnings without any improvement in attendance, you will be expelled from the college.


All the letters you need can be requested in reception.

It takes 3 days to receive a letter.

English Immersion

English Only Zone throughout the school.

The language used in the school is English.

The English course you are studying is an immersion course. This means that you may only speak English in the classrooms.

New Book

All students must have the relevant book for their class. Books are available from reception.

The course book costs €36

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