SEDA College’s Internship programme gives SEDA students the opportunity to get work experience and improve their English while working for an Irish company.


  • "I am really enjoying my time at CPM. The internship has given me the opportunity to work in a busy and fast-paced work place. It also helped me to be more confident in speaking English. The work environment is just amazing. I have met incredible people who are doing their best to make me feel comfortable and welcome. I am currently working with the recruitment team and I was given the task of finding advertising channels, focusing on the Southern Ireland jobseeker market. It is a big challenge and I hope to be doing well. I have no doubts that this programme will give me all the skills and all the essential experience for a successful career."

    Renato Rodrigues
  • “I started in the restaurant as a waitress, but later I was “promoted” to the reception. It’s been really good for my English. There are many customers in the hotel and every one of them has a different accent, so it gives me a great opportunity to learn and practice. Now, I’m much more confident to speak. My plan is to get a job. I don’t know if the hotel will have a paid position for me at the end of the internship, but with this experience, I’m sure I can get a job somewhere else.”

    Roseni Roma
  • “So far it's been great and I'm very happy. There is a lot of work to do, but I'm enjoying the internship. The team at the office is very welcoming and friendly, and 100% Irish which helps me to improve my English. I'm very grateful to SEDA for the opportunity.”

    Mayerling Marquez
The benefits for you

The benefits of the programme include:

You will gain valuable work experience in an Irish company.

You will improve your English in a real work environment – something that no class can offer.

There is a chance for you to get a good job in Ireland as internships sometimes lead to full-time employment.

It’s FREE!

Who is it for ?

To take part in the programme you need to:

Be over 18 years of age.

Be willing to learn English.

Be enrolled for a course in SEDA College.

Be a long-term student (your course in SEDA College should last at least 6 months).

Have an Attendance record of at least 85%.

Have an Intermediate or higher level of English (though some opportunities are also available for students with lower levels of English proficiency).

Have private medical insurance (at least for the duration of your internship).

Have some qualifications and experience in your chosen field of work.

How does it work ?

Part-time internships can be done in your free time, for example, if you study in the morning, you can work in the afternoons, or during your holidays. Full-time internships are only available during holidays.

If you would like to take part in the programme, send us your CV and a cover letter indicating the professional area you would like to work in.

SEDA College Internship programme coordinator will then get in touch with you and introduce you to the positions that are currently on offer. After you choose the roles that interest you, we will arrange interviews with the respective employers.

If the interview is successful, you can start your internship.

How to apply

Just send your CV in English to: [email protected]. SEDA College internship programme coordinator will then get in touch with you.

To apply for this programme, you can also fill out the form below!

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