First Day Orientation

You will have your Induction Day before you start your course. This day introduces you to SEDA, rules and visa tips, followed by a fantastic and useful free walking tour around Dublin City Centre.

This takes place on the Friday before the start of new classes, at 1PM. During induction:

1/ We’ll show you around the school and inform you of the facilities available (renewed students will have already done this).

2/ You’ll meet the Director of Studies.

3/ You’ll meet the ADOS, who will give a short presentation about the College.

4/ We’ll tell you about the school rules.

5/ We’ll email you a copy of the student handbook.

6/ You’ll learn about our Health & Safety Policy.

7/ We’ll tell you the rules and policies we have for attendance (the Irish government has rules about this, too.)

8/ You’ll meet the student liaison officer and sometwo in the school who speaks your first language. We have people at SEDA who speak Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Bengali, Italian and Irish.

9/ You will do a speaking placement test.

10/ You will be notified by email of your level, class time, teacher and the name of your classroom. Please ensure we have your correct email address.

11/ We’ll give you the timetable for your class and tell you when your course will start and should finish.

12/ We’ll tell you the date of your final IELTS or Cambridge exam.

13/ You will be shown where you can buy your New English File Course Book.

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