Art workshop: History and arts side by side

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How about learning English, arts and the history of Ireland at the same time? All of this is possible at Art Workshop with SEDA. Express your artistic side and live this amazing St. Patrick’s experience. Bring your creativity and enjoy the class.

Many believe that art is about a gift or even about wealth issues and good standards of living. There may even be some relationship between these points, but the thing is that art is also about inspiring and get inspired. There is no standard for the arts since bright ideas simply pop up. The more you boost yourself for the arts, the greater your relationship will be with developing your creativity.

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Simple and contagious: the students will receive instructions from a teacher with extensive experience in arts, just to produce paintings or drawings that are related to Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. Even small details, such as shamrocks or something related to the colors of the country’s flag, or predominant vegetation or mountains. Anything about the Emerald Isle can become art. It’s all about exploration! It’s all about Art workshop!

The best and the most creative works developed by the students, together with the teacher responsible, will be published in a kind of mini exhibition in SEDA building. There will be a display in a specific area where the library used to be.

This is your opportunity to seek out and make the most of your artistic side. You are all welcome to come and enjoy this incredible Art Workshop. It will happen on 15th and 28th of March.

See you next time!

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