5 reasons why you should study in Ireland

This post is for those who are not totally sure about their destination. So, we listed 5 reasons why you should study in Ireland and it will probably make you think differently whenever you are [...]

7 Irish films for you to watch

Cinema is a way of connecting with different cultures. For whoever is planning a cultural exchange or is already living in Ireland, we have prepared a list with some Irish films for you to watch. [...]

Don’t be discouraged: Celebrate the end of the year even away from your family

The end of the year is really a very magical time, it seems that people get more sensitive, caring and loving. Maybe because Christmas and New Year make us reflect on everything we’ve been [...]

5 digital influencers who have studied at SEDA College

It is normal for a school with more than 10 years of history which has won many awards for its quality of education, to come to the attention of people from around the world. SEDA College [...]

What to do if you lose your IRP card?

If you are an international student then your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card, issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau, is by far one of the most important documents for your stay in [...]

SEDA Jobs Club promotes Helpling Open Day

SEDA Jobs Club promoting another event to help students find work in Ireland. Next Wednesday, 11th December, at 12 pm, Helpling, a cleaning services company, is coming to SEDA College to hold an [...]

Christmas movies to test your English level

Is this an English class? Kind of. However, you can extract some valuable tips from these Christmas movies that we listed here. Remember to watch them without subtitles to test your level of [...]

Student visa in Ireland: How to make your appointment on Dublin Immigration website

Do you need to schedule your student visa in Ireland? Check below information about scheduling your appointment on Dublin immigration website! This system has been in operation since September [...]

SEDA Languages now runs evening English courses in Dublin

Do you know that now you can study English in the evenings in Dublin? That’s right! SEDA Languages is also running English evening courses, and they are for those who work full-time and can’t [...]

December activities calendar: Christmas is coming!

How about celebrating Christmas sewing your own Christmas tree? Sending Christmas cards that you created and wrote or even having and giving to your friends cookies made by yourself? These are [...]

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