Student visa in Ireland: How to make your appointment on Dublin Immigration website

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Do you need to schedule your student visa in Ireland? Check below information about scheduling your appointment on Dublin immigration website!

This system has been in operation since September 2016, replacing long waiting lines at Dublin immigration building. Therefore, it’s worth remembering that the online appointments system is only available for Immigration in Dublin, Burgh Quay Registration Office. In other cities of Ireland, the appointment is made in person.

Important: The recommendation is that your appointment date should be at least 15 days after your arrival in the country, so there is time to find permanent accommodation (a visa requirement) and obtain all necessary documentation. 


1 – Go to: and click on “MAKE APPOINTMENT”. Have your Passport, your email address and your IRP handy if it is a renewal.

2 – Next, will open a page where you fill in with your data. Since 13/02/2019 immigration has removed the categories (study, work, for example) to facilitate scheduling and vacancies available.

At the question, “I have a GNIB card or I have been registered before”: Choose NO if this is your first visa or YES if it’s a visa renewal. 

3 – After filling in your details click on “Look for an Appointment” and choose the date of your appointment. It will give you two options: to choose the closest date or a specific date.

4- After choosing the date you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. You must print this confirmation and present it on the day at Immigration’s reception.

Important: The search for dates is really competitiveso try not to leave your appointment for the last minute. Usually, you have to try to find dates for a few days. You can also schedule in your own countrybut always remembering to schedule it after at least 15 days of your arrival in Ireland.


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