The importance of the attendance during your cultural exchange in Ireland

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The possibility to work during the cultural exchange in Ireland can some forget their main focus and the reason that brought them to the Emerald Isle. Therefore, we have decided to explain why attendance in class is so important during your stay in this country.

First of all, is important to stress that your visa in Ireland is a study visa with work permit and not a work visa with a study permit. Therefore, attending class should be every student’s priority.

To be clear: we know the importance of working and also how important it is to earn money while staying in a foreign country. Therefore, we stress that 90% of your success during your exchange will come down to planning.


According to the visa requirements, a student’s attendance cannot be lower than 85% of their total classes. This is not a requirement of the school, but a requirement of the Irish Government. This is to ensure that the student is actually on the island for studying.

However, don’t think that this score is only important on the date of the visa renewal at the end of your course. The minimum mandatory attendance requirement must be met throughout the course period and, if a student has 25% or more unjustified absences within the first six weeks of the program, the school must notify the Irish government.

The 85% minimum attendance refers to the total duration of the course and it shouldn’t be calculated per week or month. If you are unable to attend the number of classes required to achieve 85% by the end of your course, the school will notify you and is required to send a letter to the Irish Government.

Because no mechanism is allowed for students to reach this minimum frequency, such as additional classes during or after the end of the program.

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Are you travelling and your attendance is under 85%? Be aware that even at the airport, immigration may require a check on your attendance at school, and if it is under the minimum requirement, your visa may be suspended.


At SEDA College you can monitor your class attendance directly through the school app, which helps you track and plan your future and assignments throughout your school term.

Learn more here. More information can be found directly in the post made on the INIS website by clicking here. 

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