7 Irish films for you to watch

Cinema is a way of connecting with different cultures. For whoever is planning a cultural exchange or is already living in Ireland, we have prepared a list with some Irish films for you to watch. [...]

Places in Ireland out of the itinerary for you to visit

Are you looking for places out of the traditional itinerary (Dublin, Galway and Cork) to visit? Well, you are on the right post! Ireland has several fantastic – and historic – cities to visit and [...]

Don’t be discouraged: Celebrate the end of the year even away from your family

The end of the year is really a very magical time, it seems that people get more sensitive, caring and loving. Maybe because Christmas and New Year make us reflect on everything we’ve been [...]

SEDA Languages opens new enrollments for 2020

Do you want to learn a new language besides English? How about having this as a goal for next year? SEDA Languages is now enrolling for 2020, see below for more information! SEDA Languages offers [...]

Student visa in Ireland: How to make your appointment on Dublin Immigration website

Do you need to schedule your student visa in Ireland? Check below information about scheduling your appointment on Dublin immigration website! This system has been in operation since September [...]

December activities calendar: Christmas is coming!

How about celebrating Christmas sewing your own Christmas tree? Sending Christmas cards that you created and wrote or even having and giving to your friends cookies made by yourself? These are [...]

6 reasons not to visit Dublin

First of all, here is an alert for this post: it contains irony (▀̿Ĺ▀̿ ̿) In August, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of SEDA College in Ireland. One thing that bothers us a lot during this [...]

Age Card: What it is and how it works

By the Irish nightlife, it’s not difficult to find many pubs and parties to have fun. If you are a beer lover, for example, there is no better country to have a delicious Guinness than Ireland, [...]

4 things that you are afraid of that you should get over before a cultural exchange

All kinds of change are scary, and a cultural exchange also brings up this feeling. But you can’t let fear keep you from fulfilling your dreams, like studying abroad. See below some of the [...]

Cultural exchange planning: 3 important steps to study at SEDA College

Studying abroad requires a lot of caution and great planning. Therefore we bring here 3 steps you should follow to study at SEDA College. Planning: The 3 important steps to study at SEDA College [...]

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