Cultural exchange planning: 3 important steps to study at SEDA College

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Studying abroad requires a lot of caution and great planning. Therefore we bring here 3 steps you should follow to study at SEDA College.

Planning: The 3 important steps to study at SEDA College

The first thing to do is to talk to your marketing agent from SEDA College. There are different offices around the world and also there are agents working directly from SEDA who can help you plan your cultural exchange and also answer your questions about it. Read more about our student support here.

With your marketing agent, the 3 main steps for your exchange will be decided:

Duration of the course – How long would you like to study abroad for? SEDA College offers courses from 1 month long. It’s important to take this step into account to check the cost for your studies.

Starting course date – a new course at SEDA College starts every Monday, according to the school’s calendar; so your commencing date depends on your preferred date.

IMPORTANT: The process between subscription and enrollment takes at least 45 days prior to your departure date.

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Payment – Once all the items above are defined, we can follow up and reserve your enrollment at SEDA College, agreeing on the best way of payment with your marketing agent.



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