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We have received a lot of comments from people on our social media asking which school is the best one to study English in Dublin. We have published so many posts explaining with details what are the benefits of studying here, however, we can see that you still have some questions about it. That’s why we have listed the advantages that you may have in case you choose SEDA College to be your school. Let’s check them out:

1 – SEDA has all the certificates indicated by the Irish government;
2 – SEDA has been regarded by the third year consecutive as the best language school in Ireland;
3 – SEDA’s academic program is divided into two parts in order to make the learning process more practical and pleasant;
4 – SEDA’s location is in the city centre surrounded by bus routes and some luas routes as well;
5 – SEDA’s building is playful for the students. The structure has a cafe, a studio area, a recreation area, computers, a lift for disabled people and so on;
6 – SEDA has in its staff people from many different countries that will help you with your questions in your native language;
7 – SEDA has a monthly extra activities calendar besides the formal classes program that will help you to improve your English skills, such as conversation classes, grammar classes, reading classes, writing classes etc;
8 – SEDA has extra activities for your social development, such as dance classes, art workshops, cooking classes, tours in a group, movie classes, social events such as volunteer work and so forth;
9 – SEDA has partnerships with more than 60 Irish companies where you can have professional practice according to your career;
10 – SEDA has its own online platform (SEDA College Online) in order to complement the learning process;
11 – Besides English, every month SEDA brings a different language class such as German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and so on;
12 – SEDA brings some specialisation courses that will help you to get a job in Ireland such as Barista Course, CV class, Job Interview class etc;
13 – Every month SEDA celebrates a special date from the students’ different countries.

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These are some of the main points that we can show you. As we usually say: learning English depends on the students’ personal effort but we try to make it easier for you all. That’s our main goal. If you just come with no pretensions, any school will be good for you. But if you come to learn English for real, SEDA College is one of the best schools to help you do that. So, what are you coming here for? www.oldhouseonline.com

If you have any further questions about our study program and prices, don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Written by: Poleth Velazquez

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