Valentine’s Day in SEDA

February is almost gone and you guys might wonder how we celebrated Valentine’s Day in SEDA, right? So, we should definitely start by saying that we have prepared some special things for [...]

Walking tour with SEDA College

As soon as the students get here in Dublin, they might feel a little bit confused with many different locations and places. Sometimes they even feel uncomfortable to go somewhere because they are [...]

German class at SEDA: What about learning a new language?

Learning a new language is definitely a huge challenge. It is all about dedication and getting immersed in the culture and all its particularities. Therefore, in order to help our students to [...]

Why studying at SEDA College is your best option

We have received a lot of comments from people on our social media asking which school is the best one to study English in Dublin. We have published so many posts explaining with details what are [...]

13 castles in Ireland for you to visit

Ireland is a country which has been invaded by the Vikings, the Normans, ruled by the English and has been through many wars. Nevertheless, the country still conserves many of its oldest and [...]

SEDA takes you to LinkedIn in Dublin. Find out how to participate!

Have you ever imagined visiting one of the most important companies in the world? And what if this company is the leader of job, business and employment-oriented social media? YEAH, SEDA takes [...]

Sushi Class: A playful and interesting way to learn a new skill in English

As you may know, we are not only concerned with providing the students General, Conversation and Grammar English classes but we are also concerned with what the students can do outside the formal [...]

Check out the February extra activities calendar!

Although February is the shortest month in the calendar, it brings in itself a wide range of special dates to celebrate and have fun such as Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. For this we have [...]