Snow in Dublin: Classes at SEDA College are cancelled until Friday (2)

It’s been a while since the snow in Dublin showed up this heavily. This time there was no need to travel to other countries to see thick snow and snowflakes everywhere. For many students this is [...]

The month of St. Valentine in SEDA College

February is finished and it is always good to remember how it was the month of St. Valentine in SEDA College. It is true that we had loads of activities for the students to appreciate and improve [...]

Dealing With Post-Exchange Depression

Just like going to the exchange, the return may be something that moves your feelings a lot, but in a not so positive way. Informally, many call this post-exchange depression feeling, something [...]

With SEDA Dream, SEDA College is a finalist in Edurank Awards 2018

Let’s celebrate? We can proudly say that SEDA College is a finalist in the Edurank Awards 2018, a prize that recognises and celebrates the success of social media marketing in the education [...]

Borrow a book from SEDA’s library

Do you fancy reading? So, you should definitely borrow a book from SEDA’s library. It’s simple and it takes less than 3 minutes. Just go for it! Many students ask what are the best [...]

Valentine’s Day in SEDA

February is almost gone and you guys might wonder how we celebrated Valentine’s Day in SEDA, right? So, we should definitely start by saying that we have prepared some special things for [...]

German class at SEDA: What about learning a new language?

Learning a new language is definitely a huge challenge. It is all about dedication and getting immersed in the culture and all its particularities. Therefore, in order to help our students to [...]

Why studying at SEDA College is your best option

We have received a lot of comments from people on our social media asking which school is the best one to study English in Dublin. We have published so many posts explaining with details what are [...]

SEDA takes you to LinkedIn in Dublin. Find out how to participate!

Have you ever imagined visiting one of the most important companies in the world? And what if this company is the leader of job, business and employment-oriented social media? YEAH, SEDA takes [...]

Sushi Class: A playful and interesting way to learn a new skill in English

As you may know, we are not only concerned with providing the students General, Conversation and Grammar English classes but we are also concerned with what the students can do outside the formal [...]

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