6 series on Netflix to test your English

Learning English doesn’t have to be a boring task thanks to online platforms with various content, such as Netflix. Now it ‘s much more practical to study English and of course, at [...]

5 reasons why you should study in Ireland

This post is for those who are not totally sure about their destination. So, we listed 5 reasons why you should study in Ireland and it will probably make you think differently whenever you are [...]

Christmas movies to test your English level

Is this an English class? Kind of. However, you can extract some valuable tips from these Christmas movies that we listed here. Remember to watch them without subtitles to test your level of [...]

SEDA Languages now runs evening English courses in Dublin

Do you know that now you can study English in the evenings in Dublin? That’s right! SEDA Languages is also running English evening courses, and they are for those who work full-time and can’t [...]

Winter in Ireland: bringing clothes from your country or buying them during the exchange program?

Winter in Ireland is one of the major concerns for those who are coming to study in Dublin, especially when it comes to what people should carry in their suitcases in order to deal with the cold [...]

Christmas markets in Ireland for you to enjoy during the end of the year

Christmas is coming and we can already feel its atmosphere in the air, and in order to make the most of this time of year, how about visiting some Christmas Markets in Ireland? We made a list [...]

5 reasons why you should study abroad during your holidays

Do you want to study abroad? Are you planning to attend an exchange program during your holidays at work or college? Let us explain the benefits of our program. In addition to being fully [...]

Tips on how to avoid jet lag during and after your trips

Before we start giving advice on how to help avoiding jet lag, it’s important that you know what it is first, if you have never heard of the term. Jet Lag: modification of the sleep cycle, [...]

Ice skating rinks in Dublin for you to enjoy during winter

Winter is coming and the ice skating rinks in Dublin begin to reopen for everyone’s amusement. This is actually a great opportunity to call out your friends and enjoy a different day. For [...]

5 museums and galleries for you to visit in Dublin

Apart from its beautiful sights and amazing landscapes, Dublin is also a city full of museums and galleries for those who fancy arts. The city’s artistic heritage and collections are quite [...]

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