Volunteer Work: help people and improve your qualifications

Have you ever thought about being grateful to Ireland and its people because of all the good opportunities that it has given to you? Well, volunteer work is the perfect opportunity for you. The [...]

St. Patrick’s Party: let’s celebrate with SEDA

It has become a tradition. All important dates are celebrated in SEDA. Of course, at the most important date for Ireland, we wouldn’t let go. That’s why we are having our St. [...]

Pubs Tour: the funniest way to get into Ireland’s culture

Are you interested in getting to know some of the main pubs in the City Centre and in its surroundings? With SEDA you can do it! Especially in St. Patrick’s month, we have prepared loads of [...]

Art workshop: History and arts side by side

How about learning English, arts and the history of Ireland at the same time? All of this is possible at Art Workshop with SEDA. Express your artistic side and live this amazing St. [...]

SEDA College wins two prizes in Edurank Awards 2018

We proudly announce that SEDA College has won two awards at the Edurank Awards 2018, an award recognizing and celebrating the success of social media marketing in the education sector. As we [...]

International Women’s Day: SEDA College pays homage in special video. Check it out!

The successes and the importance of women throughout history is a milestone that deserves international recognition. Achievements of voting rights, the right to work, to the conquest of important [...]

Preposition Class: It’s time to perfect your English

For some people, prepositions are one of the worst parts of the English learning process. That’s why we have managed to bring preposition class to the activities calendar this month. The [...]

SEDA College Online releases Essential Russian For The World Cup course

From the 14th of June, Russia hosts one of the biggest sports events in the world and everyone will be paying attention to the country that will host the World Cup 2018. More than a million [...]

Irish Cinema at SEDA College: one week of movies!

Everybody knows the importance of watching movies. Not only to improve your English skills, getting more vocabulary but as part of your development as a person. This time, taking advantage of St [...]

March activities calendar: Celebrating St. Patrick’s month with SEDA College

March has just started and with it the various news of the activities calendar. Taking advantage of the fact that this month is St. Patrick’s month, we set up several activities to [...]