5 digital influencers who have studied at SEDA College

It is normal for a school with more than 10 years of history which has won many awards for its quality of education, to come to the attention of people from around the world. SEDA College [...]

What to do if you lose your IRP card?

If you are an international student then your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card, issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau, is by far one of the most important documents for your stay in [...]

SEDA Jobs Club promotes Helpling Open Day

SEDA Jobs Club promoting another event to help students find work in Ireland. Next Wednesday, 11th December, at 12 pm, Helpling, a cleaning services company, is coming to SEDA College to hold an [...]

SEDA Jobs Club brings you a new job opportunity

Looking for a job in Dublin? SEDA Jobs Club announces a new opportunity for students. Check it out! Sapro Solutions is the new SEDA Jobs Club partner and they are looking for highly qualified [...]

Welcome autumn! Check out our September activities calendar

September has just arrived and brought many activities for you. Check them out below, join the ones that are interesting for you and enjoy the autumn! DEBATE CLUB An activity to improve student’s [...]

SEDA Jobs Club spreads job opportunities, check it out!

Are you looking for a job in Ireland? SEDA Jobs Club has some new opportunities for IT professionals. If you are interested, please send an English version of your CV to [email protected] by the [...]

International Women’s Day: SEDA College pays homage in special video. Check it out!

The successes and the importance of women throughout history is a milestone that deserves international recognition. Achievements of voting rights, the right to work, to the conquest of important [...]

SEDA College Online releases Essential Russian For The World Cup course

From the 14th of June, Russia hosts one of the biggest sports events in the world and everyone will be paying attention to the country that will host the World Cup 2018. More than a million [...]

Snow in Dublin: Classes at SEDA College are cancelled until Friday (2)

It’s been a while since the snow in Dublin showed up this heavily. This time there was no need to travel to other countries to see thick snow and snowflakes everywhere. For many students this is [...]

With SEDA Dream, SEDA College is a finalist in Edurank Awards 2018

Let’s celebrate? We can proudly say that SEDA College is a finalist in the Edurank Awards 2018, a prize that recognises and celebrates the success of social media marketing in the education [...]

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