Snow in Dublin: Classes at SEDA College are cancelled until Friday (2)

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It’s been a while since the snow in Dublin showed up this heavily. This time there was no need to travel to other countries to see thick snow and snowflakes everywhere. For many students this is something very amusing and totally new, but the truth is that the Irish authorities have warned people to watch themselves and take as much care as possible.

Snow in Dublin

For this reason, the classes at SEDA College have been cancelled from Wednesday 28/02 to Friday 02/03 due to bad weather conditions.  Some important roads and streets are closed and public transportation is not working normally, making the access to the city center very difficult.

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Check below the Irish government official alert:

Here it goes some useful links that you may need to get more information. Check them out:

SEDA’s announcement 

The classes return normally on the following Monday (05/03), ready for St. Patrick.

Enjoy this special and unique moment, but make sure you are safe and warm to make your snowman.

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