Playlist on Spotify: Irish artists that you must listen to

How about inspiring your exchange with songs from Irish artists and bands? SEDA College has created a Spotify playlist that you can listen to right now! The “Must-listen Irish songs” playlist [...]

5 important documents for an exchange program in Ireland

During an exchange program in Ireland, there are some things that are essential in a student’s life. Check out a list of five important documents that will make life easier for exchange [...]

Student Leap Card: know how to get yours and what the advantages

One of the things that make life easier for exchange students is the Student Leap Card, a national travel and student discount card, which then also works as the student ID in Ireland. Basically, [...]

SEDA Jobs Club spreads job opportunities, check it out!

Are you looking for a job in Ireland? SEDA Jobs Club has some new opportunities for IT professionals. If you are interested, please send an English version of your CV to [email protected] by the [...]

From Spanish to French: SEDA Languages opens new courses in Dublin

How about expanding your knowledge and learning one more language in Ireland? SEDA Languages offers Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian classes in Dublin, and new courses are available this [...]

SEDA Jobs Club: in two months, 20 students got jobs in Ireland

In addition to learning English during the exchange in Ireland, students have also the possibility to work while studying. With this in mind, SEDA College has set up a specific department to [...]

VISITING BRAY: a nice summer experience

Ireland is an island known for its green landscapes. It has a magic mix of mountainous areas and the sea, as seen in Bray. Bray is one of the most famous cities in Ireland where you can find [...]

SEDA College: 10 years of growth and reference in English education in Ireland

Inaugurated in 2009, SEDA College welcomes students who aim to learn English abroad. In August 2019, the institution celebrates 10 years of fulfilling its mission to provide quality teaching and [...]

SEDA College begins second semester with students from 22 different nationalities

Knowing new cultures is one of the main aspects of cultural exchange. And that is why SEDA College is concerned with promoting a diverse environment within the school. For the second semester of [...]

The importance of writing classes

The importance of good writing for the present days goes beyond the daily exchange of messages on social networks. Writing with quality is associated with important careers, high positions and [...]

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