St. Patrick’s with SEDA review: a month full of activities

March was definitely a busy month and full of activities. In St. Patrick’s with SEDA, we celebrated in style bringing a wide range of different classes that extolled and celebrated the [...]

Bingo day: entertain yourself and win some prizes

For all those bingo lovers, today is your lucky day! This Friday 30th of March we are having Bingo in the student lounge, at 4:30 pm. I know many of you were waiting for this moment to come and [...]

Last day of March’s activities calendar in SEDA with Crepe Workshop

March is almost over and in order to bring it to a perfect end, we are having exceptionally this Friday 30th a special Crepe Workshop with a teacher from France. This is the very first time ever [...]

Book club: prepare yourself for your TIE exam

For those students who want to do TIE as an external exam, we inform you that every month SEDA offers a special class, named Book Club that focuses on creating your Logbook for your evaluation, [...]

SEDA collegeインターンシップのススメ

現在セダカレッジで勉強中の方、もしくはこれからアイルランドに留学を考えている方すべての方にオススメしたいのがセダカレッジのインターンシップです。 留学をしようと思った理由はキャリアアップや就職活動、日本以外で生活をしてみたいなどそれぞれだと思います。 [...]

Irish culture meet-up: the change to learn more about Ireland

Once we are living in Ireland, every day we experience something different and we learn different things about the country, like the local food, its traditional drinks, even its local [...]

Sign Language Class: expand your communication skills

Besides of being a highly rated and a compromised institution, SEDA College seeks to be inclusive as well. For instance, we are bringing Sign Language classes, because we believe that expanding [...]

Volunteer Work: help people and improve your qualifications

Have you ever thought about being grateful to Ireland and its people because of all the good opportunities that it has given to you? Well, volunteer work is the perfect opportunity for you. The [...]

St. Patrick’s Party: let’s celebrate with SEDA

It has become a tradition. All important dates are celebrated in SEDA. Of course, at the most important date for Ireland, we wouldn’t let go. That’s why we are having our St. [...]

Pubs Tour: the funniest way to get into Ireland’s culture

Are you interested in getting to know some of the main pubs in the City Centre and in its surroundings? With SEDA you can do it! Especially in St. Patrick’s month, we have prepared loads of [...]

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