St. Patrick’s with SEDA review: a month full of activities

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March was definitely a busy month and full of activities. In St. Patrick’s with SEDA, we celebrated in style bringing a wide range of different classes that extolled and celebrated the Irish culture. Let’s check out how the activities of this incredible month of March were like.

Irish Classes: It’s not just English that students learn in Ireland. In St. Patrick’s with SEDA, they learned a little bit of Irish too. In this class, the students had the opportunity to learn the basics of the second official language of the Emerald Isle. Expressions like “Craic”, “Sláinte”, “Gura mile maith agat” are now part of the vocabulary of our students.

Acting Class: In this class, the students had the opportunity to know some techniques and basic training in the theater. From these classes were chosen the students to perform in the St. Patrick’s Day play that took place in the Student Lounge.

St. Patrick’s Play: The play basically served to advertise the party. The students performed some scenes of the history of St. Patrick. It was amazing!

St. Patrick’s Party: A day to celebrate with SEDA. At St. Patrick’s party, the students came into Ireland’s mood and had a great craic with the songs and of course that pint to brighten up. Sláinte!

Irish Cinema: In the week of St. Patrick’s Day, the students had the opportunity to watch some movies about Ireland and made in Ireland. They learned some history and had the chance to learn about important moments for the country.

Art Workshop: In this amazing and history-filled workshop, students used their creativity to paint and create according to the symbols of Ireland. The results of this workshop will be published in a mini-exhibition in SEDA building.

Pubs Tour: On this tour full of history and joy, the students visited some of Dublin’s top pubs. This activity is the kind that engages the students in interacting and communicating. It was fun, interactive and quite stripped.

Sign Language Class:  Based on the ISL (Irish Sign Language), this class was filled with news and awareness. Beyond the signs learned in class, the students had the opportunity to know a little bit more about the world of the mute-deaf. We can say that this was a class full of inclusion as well.

Bingo Day: On the last day of activities in March, we had the bingo day in SEDA and it was a success. The students enjoyed themselves and won several prizes. On the same day and following the sequence, the students still had a delicious crepe workshop with a very funny and multilingual teacher from France.

To sum up St. Patrick’s with SEDA, check the video below with the best moments of the parade and also the main points of this incredible city full of history.

Happy St. Patrick’s everyone. See you soon!

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