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Besides of being a highly rated and a compromised institution, SEDA College seeks to be inclusive as well. For instance, we are bringing Sign Language classes, because we believe that expanding our students’ communication abilities is essential to amplify people’s horizons. It is important, it is inclusive and it is simple to learn: just join us!

Basically, the teacher will tell people how to use their hands/fingers, facial expressions and gestures to communicate. Also is important to know that there are around three hundred sign languages worldwide, and depending on the standards established in each country, they might be completely different from each other. So far, we don’t have an international sign language just like English is for communication, whereas, considering the fact that we are in Ireland, the students will be given the opportunity to learn the Sign Language based on the ISL (Irish Sign Language). So, after the classes, the students would be able to start using the signs in order to communicate here in the country.

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We will point out some aspects that might be interesting as well:

1) Spelling: in this case, you have to be aware of the correct spelling of the words;
2) Vocabulary: you will extend it, because of the number of words you will learn;
3) Body language: you need this to transmit your emotions. It’s not only about moving your hands, it’s also about expressing yourself and practicing as much as you can in order to be able to transmit what you mean and be as much understandable as possible.

You will be able to communicate with people who are deaf-mute, so you must be precise and sensible. Helping people always requires being emotional and introspective.

This class will also give you the chance to increase your job opportunities because you can write this in your CV as an experience as well. This is definitely a very good way of upskilling yourselves. So, you are totally welcome to show up this afternoon in room 13. Remember to invite your friends and classmates and take advantage of this experience. Learning something new is always delightful. It will start at 4:30, in classroom 13. Everyone is welcome to enjoy and be part of this fascinating workshop.

See you next time!

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