The importance of the attendance during your cultural exchange in Ireland

The possibility to work during the cultural exchange in Ireland can some forget their main focus and the reason that brought them to the Emerald Isle. Therefore, we have decided to explain why [...]

How is the weather in Dublin? Get to know everything here!

It’s said that the weather in Ireland is so unpredictable. Not just by tourists, but also by locals. But how is it in fact? Is it too cold? Does it get warm sometimes? Here we have valuable [...]

10 tips to stay motivated when learning English

Learning English is not always an easy task. Sometimes the student is not very willing, and starts running into grammar rules, words with complicated pronunciation and ends up giving up on [...]

Get to know SEDA College’s internship programme

Many students come to Ireland to study English in order to get some professional work experience for future purposes. However, in addition to learning a new language, there are other ways of [...]

Typical Irish food you must try

One of the ways to get to know the culture of a country is through its gastronomy. During your cultural exchange or country tour, you can sample typical Irish food in restaurants and pubs, or [...]

Check out the current work regulations for students in Ireland

Ireland is one of the favorite destinations for exchange students, and one of the reasons why they choose the Emerald Isle is the possibility of working. But, do you know what the work [...]

Get to know the 5 symbols of Ireland

Every country has its traditions, beliefs and symbols, right? And of course in Ireland it isn’t different. For this reason, we listed 5 symbols of Ireland and their meanings. Check them [...]

7 curiosities about the English language

The English language is very rich and full of cool things, and for those who are learning or are passionate about the it, it’s nice to know some of its curious aspects. Check below 7 [...]

Welcome autumn! Check out our September activities calendar

September has just arrived and brought many activities for you. Check them out below, join the ones that are interesting for you and enjoy the autumn! DEBATE CLUB An activity to improve student’s [...]

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