Get to know the 5 symbols of Ireland

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Every country has its traditions, beliefs and symbols, right? And of course in Ireland it isn’t different. For this reason, we listed 5 symbols of Ireland and their meanings. Check them out!


You probably see the Irish flag everywhere when you live here. It has three colors, known as “The Irish Tricolor”, the green color represents Christianity, the orange the Protestant religions and in the middle the color white symbolizing peace, harmony and unity. The flag refers to the history of the country.


It’s the clover of three leaves found in some parts of the island and carved on many objects. It’s one of the most famous symbols of the country. It was used by Saint Patrick, the saint patron of Ireland, to teach the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the pagan population.



It’s a folk figure from Ireland, which is also one of the most famous symbols of the country and known all over the world. Leprechauns are elves, guardians, or connoisseurs of hidden treasure locations, including pots of gold hidden at the end of rainbows. Incidentally, this phenomenon is very common in Ireland, however, Leprechauns are creatures full of tricks and very difficult to be captured.



It’s a traditional Irish ring, symbol of love and friendship. Claddagh is a small fishing village in Galway. Both hands represent friendship, the crown means loyalty and the heart true love. It’s often worn as a wedding ring. It has different meanings according to they way you wear it:

  • The ring in the right hand with the crown inwards means that the heart is available;
  • The ring in the right hand with the crown outward means that the person is engaged;
  • The ring in the left hand with the crown out the person has an endless love for someone and it’s mutual.


The harp has been the symbol of Ireland since the 13th century, and it’s said that King Brian Boru led the army to the battles carrying a harp. He died at the Battle of Clontarf against the Vikings.

The harp is also the official national emblem of the Republic of Ireland and it can be found in the currencies issued in the country. You’ll also find the harp as the symbol of Guinness, the famous Irish brewery, however there is a curiosity about it.

There is a difference between the Irish government harp and the Guinness harp. Since Guinness had recorded the harp symbol in 1876, the 1922 Irish Free Government had to take the official government’s lead to the other side, so that it could be distinguished from the Guinness trademark.

We hope you enjoy these pieces of information and the symbols of Ireland. Getting to know the history of the country you live it’s very important. See you next time!

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