10 tips to stay motivated when learning English

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Learning English is not always an easy task. Sometimes the student is not very willing, and starts running into grammar rules, words with complicated pronunciation and ends up giving up on studying. However, learning and fluency in English may be involved with something much greater.

It’s necessary to know that giving up knowledge is losing the chance to develop personally, professionally and academically. That is, the unmotivated student ceases to improve in all fields of life.


1. Turn your favorite English song on. It’s important to understand what it says, so as not to sing anything you don’t want to;

2. Aim a goal that has to do with the English language, such as a trip to Ireland or course abroad, for example. Your studies will always be up-to-date as long as there is an event that depends on learning;

3. Learn one word a day. Always choose one that has a difficult pronunciation or spelling. The insistence will make things easier as the time passes by;

4. Be part of speaking groups in English. The challenge among members becomes a tremendous incentive for learning;

5. Search for online tools that challenge you to think in English such as game platforms or exercises in English, even English teaching platforms, such as SEDA College Online, for example;


6. Challenge yourselves to do things such as reading an entire book in English, for example. Make notes, use the dictionary and learn more about language and its grammar;

7. Talk to people in English, especially those who don’t know the language. You will feel very good by sharing your knowledge and you will feel an impulse to want to learn even more;

8. Set your smartphone system in English. Constant contact with the language will make you understand the words naturally;

9. Make some international friends and change some information by chatting, in order to practice your comprehension and pronunciation of English;

10. Set some personal rewards when you reach certain levels of learning. Choose something you really want, so you really invest in learning the new language.

In addition to all the guidelines given, it’s very important that the student understands that learning depends only on him, it’s a very personal investment that will resonate at various moments in life. We hope you can challenge yourself in learning English as much as you can.

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