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Games are great options to make learning lighter and more enjoyable. Most games have apps and become more interactive. In day-to-day running, it’s possible to play in the bus, waiting for the friends and in the free time. And of course, it’s also worth gathering friends to play, exchange information and ask questions. Let’s break up some fun games for you to learn English, check it out!

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Scrabble is a board game for students to test their general vocabulary skills. Scrabble encourages learning new words as participants try to find ways to combine all their letters to form other words.


Game of questions and answers, that exists in the board version or also online (click here). It is nice to test general knowledge, or specific themes, such as movies, music, geography, etc.


Scattegories challenges students to think of words in a particular category, making it the ideal game to review and practice specific groups of vocabulary words. It can also be found in mobile apps.


This game is about picking up a letter from the alphabet and writing down on a piece of paper everything that you remember about things that begin with this letter in different categories. Now just change the categories from the table to English, “fruit”, “animals”, “cities” and so on. It’s fun, very fast and dynamic, and you’ll have to think in English quickly, which will make your vocabulary sharper.


It is a platform with multiple choice questions used by teachers in the classroom, but you can also download the application to play with friends. See more here.

So, did you like the idea of learning English by playing? Choose yours and call friends!

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