Learn how to go from Dublin Airport to the City Center

You’re going to arrive at Dublin Airport and you have to go to the city centre, but you do not know how. Here are the directions and what modes of transport you need to get! Take a bus At [...]

Homesick: have you already heard this term?

Homesick is a very common term, especially for those who are living the experience of exchange. Don’t know what it means? We explain it to you here! Homesick is a word in English used to describe [...]

5 tips to improve your listening

Listening is by far one of the most difficult skills that people who are learning another language have to come across. It is essential to have accurate listening in order to keep a good [...]

How to choose the best school to do an exchange program in Dublin

When we start researching English schools in the Irish capital we come across many options. But how to solve this impasse and choose the best school to do an exchange program in Dublin? The first [...]

Tips to find an apartment in Dublin

If you are preparing to come to Dublin, you might be thinking about how to get a good place to live. That is why we want to share some advice related to finding an apartment in Dublin. First of [...]

7 curiosities about Dublin

How about discovering some curiosities about Dublin and understanding more about life in the city? See our list below! CURIOSITIES ABOUT DUBLIN – The name Dublin comes from Gaelic ‘dubh [...]

SEDA College innovates by creating a jobs club to help students find jobs in Ireland

Everybody’s first three months in Dublin is hard due to many different things that students have to worry about. Getting a job is definitely one of them, once Ireland allows students who hold a [...]

Things you shouldn’t do if you are going to study English in Ireland

We constantly talk about what you should do when you start the organization process of your exchange to Ireland, but the time has come to go through what really matters and tell you what kind of [...]

6 places near Dublin to visit in one day

Summer is coming to Ireland and temperatures are starting to rise, bringing beautiful days of sunshine and blue skies that contrast with the green landscapes of the Emerald Isle. And to take [...]

5 bad habits to drop when learning English

When it comes to learning English as a second language, our main concern is that our students can learn it in a simple and efficient way. But to make it possible, the students need to drop some [...]

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