How to choose the best school to do an exchange program in Dublin

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When we start researching English schools in the Irish capital we come across many options. But how to solve this impasse and choose the best school to do an exchange program in Dublin?

The first step is to establish a budget because the amounts vary from one school to another. Remember: cheap can be expensive at the end. Stay tuned! Another important point is if the school has all the necessary certifications of operation, if it is regulated by accrediting bodies or the government and attend to the students.

The second step is to consider the infrastructure of the school since the student will spend a lot of time there, attending classes, studying after hours and socializing with friends. Therefore, make sure the school offers a study area, canteen, structured computer room, bathrooms, Wi-Fi throughout the building, among other benefits to the student.


All of these features help to make you get better in your lessons and set all the content you have learnt in class, encouraging study and coexistence among peers.

Another point is in relation to the infrastructure of the classrooms: how many students the school has, if there is multimedia equipment such as TV, for example.

The ideal of an exchange is to have contact with different nationalities during classes. Therefore, inquire about the origin of students who are received at the institution, so that the experience of studying and living abroad is even more complete.

An important aspect is with regard to access to course coordination. That there are coordinators available, who are always ready to help students with their problems and questions; this is ideal. The exchange students are on their own in the host country and the support from the institution is fundamental to create a good experience.

With regard to the course, one should check the total workload, assess whether it is sufficient for solid learning and which certificates are offered. The material made available to the student has a direct impact on the learning outcome. Try to know the books, the method of teaching, among other academic aspects.

Another point to consider regards the school address. Institutions located in the central area make it easier for students to get around and also offer a greater number of tourist attractions, pubs, markets and pharmacies.


In the English language learning method, it is important to include extracurricular activities, which involve fraternization parties, movie sessions, and different classes that even develop new skills in students. All these enable the students to train in their English even more, interacting with different accents.

Finally, it is necessary to know if the exchange school also offers some type of internship or work, which can be added to the professional curriculum.

The exchange students seek a complete experience, which brings the improvement of their professional curriculum, which prepares them better for life in general. That is why it is so important to get to know the language schools in Dublin before doing such an important and meaningful journey.

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