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If you are preparing to come to Dublin, you might be thinking about how to get a good place to live. That is why we want to share some advice related to finding an apartment in Dublin.

First of all, we strongly recommend that you do not pay rent or give money in advance if you have not arrived yet. There have been several cases of people who searched for a domicile from their countries, without having seen it in person or getting to know the city first, and this turned into a big mistake!

Due to the increase in the rental demand in Dublin from students coming to study English, most of the cases of booking in advance have been a fraud.


The best option is to have the two weeks accommodation that the college offers, then you can start looking for a house on your own. Bear in mind that there can still be fraud, so to avoid going through this unpleasant experience, we give you the following tips to find your residence:

  • Whether you do your search on Facebook groups or specific webpages, always make sure there are photos available and that you can make a visit before you rent it.
  • Once you are in, check if the compartment is a real, because sometimes photos are fake areas which seem to be a bedroom, but it is not.
  • If you liked some apartment, try to have direct communication with the landlord, since there are flatmates who seek for their own benefit to charging more money for the deposit.
  • Ask your landlord for a written contract to confirm and prove the validity of your rent. The document should specify the monthly rent amount, personal data of both parties and the term you will be living there.
  • Even though it is hard, try to consider a place that does not have a lot of people per room and they want to charge it as a single room, as we know there are a lot of bunkers around here.
  • Take into consideration that in some houses the bills are charged monthly or bimonthly. Inquire in your specific case and which services you will need to pay for.

Some useful websites to find an apartment in Dublin

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