SEDA College innovates by creating a jobs club to help students find jobs in Ireland

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Everybody’s first three months in Dublin is hard due to many different things that students have to worry about. Getting a job is definitely one of them, once Ireland allows students who hold a stamp 2 visa to work as well. For this reason, SEDA College innovates by creating a specific department only to help students find jobs in Ireland. Check out more details about SEDA Jobs club below:



After enrolling in a six-month course with SEDA College and after sending their information to their marketing agents, students will have to share their CV in English with [email protected] – the responsible for coordinating the programme. They will have then to book up an appointment with Romulo, after arriving in Dublin, in order to get some instructions regarding their future job applications in Ireland. It’s totally necessary that the applicant holds their IRP (Irish Resident Permit) and PPS (Personal Public Service Number) cards and then inform the respective numbers to the Jobs Coordinator.


  1. Enroll or be enrolled in a six-month course with SEDA College;
  2. Share your details with your marketing agents; (Previous experience, area of interest, personal qualifications);
  3. Fill out the application form at reception;
  4. Send your CV in English to [email protected] and then book up a meeting with him. The appointment is applicable even if you don’t have all your documents sorted out;
  5. Inform then your IRP and PPS numbers to the Jobs Coordinator when you have them.

Your application will be only submitted after you send all the details of your documents to Romulo. Current students registered at SEDA College are also eligible to apply for the programme.


The purpose of the programme is to connect students to companies in Ireland. If confirmed, after the Brexit, Ireland will be one of the only English speaking countries member of the European Union, and it will naturally bring a lot of investments of many multinational companies from all around the world to the Emerald Isle. Many jobs opportunities will be created then by consequence. We believe that it will make a huge difference in their experience, both professionally and also personally speaking.

Tiago Mascarenhas, CEO of SEDA College shared his opinion on how innovative the programme is. “Getting some work experience is also part of the learning process, and for this reason, I believe this project is so innovative because many other institutions don’t offer the same. It can change completely the students´perspectives when it comes to the school and also when it comes to their personal experience studying abroad”, says.

It’s good to point out that SEDA Jobs Club will not work as a recruitment agency. We are just linking students to opportunities that can broaden their horizons and also change their lives as students and as professionals.  So what are you waiting for? If you’re an enrolled student at SEDA College, you are completely eligible to apply for the programme. If you have any other questions, email [email protected] and get to know everything you need before starting your application. Good luck!

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