SEDA Jobs Club promotes Helpling Open Day

SEDA Jobs Club promoting another event to help students find work in Ireland. Next Wednesday, 11th December, at 12 pm, Helpling, a cleaning services company, is coming to SEDA College to hold an [...]

Student shares successful experience with SEDA Jobs Club

Launched in June, SEDA Jobs Club has helped several students to find a job in Ireland. Read below the interview with the student Alvaro Bicudo from Brazil, who got his first job with the help of [...]

SEDA Jobs Club brings you a new job opportunity

Looking for a job in Dublin? SEDA Jobs Club announces a new opportunity for students. Check it out! Sapro Solutions is the new SEDA Jobs Club partner and they are looking for highly qualified [...]

SEDA Jobs Club promotes Connected Health Open Day

With the proposal to help students to find jobs, SEDA Jobs Club has partnership with some companies and often brings them to SEDA College in order to connect with each other. Connected Health, a [...]

5 reasons to be part of SEDA Jobs Club

The labour market in Ireland is hot, it’s a fact. Yearly, the number of immigrants in the country increases and the opportunities go in the same direction. However, it also makes the market more [...]

SEDA Jobs Club spreads job opportunities, check it out!

Are you looking for a job in Ireland? SEDA Jobs Club has some new opportunities for IT professionals. If you are interested, please send an English version of your CV to by the [...]

SEDA Jobs Club: in two months, 20 students got jobs in Ireland

In addition to learning English during the exchange in Ireland, students have also the possibility to work while studying. With this in mind, SEDA College has set up a specific department to [...]

Kaizen Recruitment open day helps students to get a job in Ireland

SEDA Jobs Club has been running some recruitment events over the months of June and July. This time, Kaizen Recruitment will come to the school to help students find a job in Ireland. Check out [...]

SEDA College innovates by creating a jobs club to help students find jobs in Ireland

Everybody’s first three months in Dublin is hard due to many different things that students have to worry about. Getting a job is definitely one of them, once Ireland allows students who hold a [...]

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