Things you shouldn’t do if you are going to study English in Ireland

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We constantly talk about what you should do when you start the organization process of your exchange to Ireland, but the time has come to go through what really matters and tell you what kind of situations you should avoid to follow the law and prevent yourself of any inconvenience. Here it goes 4 things you shouldn’t do if you are going to study English in Ireland. Ready?

1- Don’t enter the country as a tourist if you are going to study!

Respect immigration controls as established by the Immigration Office. Every student must show their Enrolment Letter and their passport to enter Ireland as a student (although the visa is processed later) from that moment you enter as a student and remains in the registry. If you enter as a tourist and then you want to change to the student visa, it will be very difficult to change your status in order to apply for your visa. Avoid inconveniences! It is true that you can leave and re-enter the country, but you are exposed to answering the immigration questions at the airport.

2 – Don’t go only with the one-way flight tickets.

Even if you hear stories of people who have got away with it, don’t expose yourself. I repeat DON’T EXPOSE YOURSELF. In any of the scales of your trip, they can request your return ticket and if you don’t have it, you risk being deported. One of the requirements to enter the country is a round-trip ticket. Many students think about the possibility of buying a ticket out of Dublin to any city in Europe but they must also have a way out from the European Economic Area. Added to that, the risk that in your country at the time of boarding, the airline may ask for that ticket (because if you are deported they have to cover the expenses) and then at that moment, you must buy a return ticket to be able to board.

3 – Don’t verify the school accreditations.

This is a common mistake. You look at the price earlier than in the accreditations! This is the only thing that guarantees your investment in education. Make sure that the school owns ACELS and EAQUALS, even better if it is an authorized center of preparation for external exams! Your classes should be your priority. Choose quality in education.

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4- Don’t contract permanent accommodation before visiting the place

You will find many accommodation options once you are in Dublin. I always recommend joining specialized Facebook groups, review and find out about the steps to get your definitive residence before the trip, so you can have reference prices and know the differences between “Bill included “and” plus bills”, but never make any kind of contract or payment if you haven’t seen the place personally, not only to avoid illicit but also to ensure that it will be a place where you will be comfortable at!

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