Homesick: have you already heard this term?

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Homesick is a very common term, especially for those who are living the experience of exchange. Don’t know what it means? We explain it to you here!

Homesick is a word in English used to describe the feeling of being away from home for weeks, months, or years. That is, it is the anguish caused by a current or near separation from the house. Its dominant characteristic is to be concerned with the thoughts of the home and objects of attachment. It even includes family members, pets or friends. The term in English used to say that you suffer from this is “homesickness”.

There are many symptoms of nostalgia that can include feelings of pain, depression, anxiety, and sadness, to name but a few.

There are several different ways to deal with homesickness, but keep in mind that the same may not work for everyone. One thing that can help is staying in touch with your family and friends. Call them, write to them or send a message on Facebook. Find out what’s happening at home, but also talk about what you’ve been doing far away.

There needs to be a balance; go out, have fun, find new hobbies, join a club and make friends. You will be surprised how much this will help. Remember that you also have new friends, that you are in a new environment, so it’s time to create new memories.

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However, the fact that you leave home does not mean that you cannot bring objects from your home with you. Bring photos, birthday cards, postcards, posters, etc.

However, if homesickness is something that really bothers you, remember that you can talk to a doctor or mentor. Many people suffer from this, as they feel alone, but remember that you do not have to be!

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