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Many students come to Ireland to study English in order to get some professional work experience for future purposes. However, in addition to learning a new language, there are other ways of upskilling and improving their curriculum, such as taking an internship during their exchange. Are you looking for this opportunity? Get to know the internship program at SEDA College!

SEDA’s internship programme offers students the opportunity to get some work experience to further improve their English by working in an Irish company. In 2018, 57 students got opportunities through the programme.

Currently, we have contact with about 80 companies, and there are vacancies in several areas, such as IT, Marketing, Sales, Administration, Hospitality, Design, Architecture, Customer Service, Engineering, Accounting, among others. It’s a chance for students to get some international work experience in their area of expertise.

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The opportunities are part-time and students can work in their class free time. Full-time internships are only available during school holidays. The duration can vary from 4 weeks to 6 months. The internship is not paid, but it’s important to remember that the vacancies do exist, so there is a chance of being hired after the end of this programme.


If you like the idea and want to participate, send your CV in English to [email protected] indicating the professional area that you would like to apply for.

The coordinator of the programme will contact you and show you the positions that are currently available. After you choose the opportunities that interest you, he will book some job interviews with the companies. If approved, you are ready to begin your internship and get some work experience.


The application is for free, but to participate in SEDA College’s internship programme, you must:

– Be a student at SEDA College;
– Be enrolled in a long-term course (6 months);
– Have at least an intermediate level of English;
– Have at least 85% attendance;
– Have their IRP card.

This is it! Do you like the idea of working as an intern during your time in Ireland? Send an updated version of your CV to [email protected] and start your application! More information can be seen here:

Check our online platform as well:

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