What to do if you lose your IRP card?

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If you are an international student then your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card, issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau, is by far one of the most important documents for your stay in Dublin – after your passport of course. However, have you imaged what to do if you lose your IRP card?

If do you have the misfortune of losing your IRP card then you can apply to have it replaced. Check out how is the process bellow:

Visit the local Garda station

The first thing to do when you lose the document is to go to the nearest local Garda station to report that your IRP has been lost or stolen. A garda will then take your details. If the garda is satisfied that your card is lost or stolen, they will give you an official incident report. 

Ps: If you are abroad, you should report it to the nearest police station and get a similar report. You should then go to your local immigration registration office with the lost/stolen report and your passport to get a replacement IRP card.


Make an appointment

Make an appointment to visit your local registration office to submit the official incident report from An Garda Síochána.

If you live in Dublin City or county, Book an appointment online to visit Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin City centre. Do not go to Burgh Quay without an appointment. You will not be seen. – Read how to do it here.

When booking choose Category: ‘Other’; Sub-category: ‘Lost card’ or ‘Stolen card’ as appropriate.

If you live outside Dublin City or county, contact the registration office nearest to where you live and ask for an appointment to report a lost or stolen IRP/GNIB card with the registration officer.

Visit your registration office

You must bring the following when you go to the registration office:

  • Your current passport, containing your active permission stamp;
  • The original incident report from An Garda Síochána;
  • Any other documents or information you needed the last time you registered or renewed.

At the registration office, a registration officer will examine your documents and investigate your lost card.

Get a new one

So far so good, but losing your card also means you will have to pay the standard IRP card fee of €300 to get a replacement. There might be some exceptions about paying the fee, but don’t count with that.

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So here’s our tip: to avoid such mishaps, it is worth knowing that ID documents issued in your country of origin (like an identity card or driver’s license) are recognised in Ireland too. Therefore it is a good idea to carry those around and leave your IRP card and passport at home.

And if you’re going out and need to prove you are of legal drinking age at the door of a pub or club then an even better option is the Age Card – check out here.

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