6 series on Netflix to test your English

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Learning English doesn’t have to be a boring task thanks to online platforms with various content, such as Netflix. Now it ‘s much more practical to study English and of course, at the same time to kill boredom. For this reason, we bring some TV series on Netflix that will serve to entertain you and train your ear. It’s time to test your English!


Besides the plot being truly gripping, the speed with which the protagonists speak can be a challenge for some, adding that the terminology they use is not easy either.

We recommend trying to understand without subtitles, at least the first chapters, and if it is very difficult, to put subtitles in English, but still try to understand the maximum by yourself.


Probably this series is for those with a high level of English because, in addition to having the British accent, they use old British English, which makes the task of understanding at first a bit more difficult. However, the story is fun and it can catch you even using subtitles.

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No one said that only British English was difficult. This series has different accents that will make you train your ear and of course, the plot will also keep you entertained.


Another series that will test not only your hearing but also your knowledge and vocabulary as well as terminology in the field of law. The diverse cases and daily life will cause you to get more practice.


It’s not always easy to understand the humour in English, especially when it’s black humour. If you are not in the habit of hearing this kind of topic but want to be a master at it, we recommend this series. But we warn you that it is very acidic and not suitable for all audiences.


Finally, taking advantage of the fact that you are in European lands, this series tells the story of France and its monarchy in the 1600s. It has a lot of drama and history, which will make it interesting when you visit the country or if you know the backstage of the places you’ve visited.

After these series nominations on Netflix, just play and train English while having fun!

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