SEDA takes you to LinkedIn in Dublin. Find out how to participate!

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Have you ever imagined visiting one of the most important companies in the world? And what if this company is the leader of job, business and employment-oriented social media? YEAH, SEDA takes you there! SEDA takes you to the headquarter of LinkedIn in Dublin!

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It’s easy to participate:

– You must write a paragraph explaining why you should go with us. This might have between 8 and 10 lines. (BE CREATIVE).

– You must also have your personal profile on LinkedIn and send us the link. Tell us which level of English you are in (Intermediate, Upper, Advanced) and tell us your full name as well.

– Send all the information to by 14/02.

At LinkedIn we will have a workshop where the students will have the opportunity to interact with the professionals who work there and ask questions about the social media as a whole and also about jobs, job interviews etc. They will give some tips on how to best utilize your media in order to be more prepared for the competitive labour market worldwide.

Why not? Take advantage of this opportunity. This might change your career forever!

By: Romulo Mendes