December activities calendar: Christmas is coming!

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How about celebrating Christmas sewing your own Christmas tree? Sending Christmas cards that you created and wrote or even having and giving to your friends cookies made by yourself? These are some of the goals of our December activities: workshops to learn more about Christmas developing new skills. Let’s have fun. Merry Christmas!


Although baking and decorating cookies are nothing too hard, there are some steps that you must follow to get the perfect form for them. Cookies are also a great gift to give to your friends and family! Let’s learn how to make delicious Christmas Cookies! This workshop will take place on the 11th in the Student Lounge at 4:30 pm. Limited spaces, please sign up at the reception.

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This workshop will bring you knowledge about how to make your own Christmas Tree by sewing it. A teacher is going to teach you how to do it properly and then you will have the independence to create your own and to give it as a Christmas gift to who you love! Take advantage of this opportunity! It will take place on the 12th in room 26 at 4:30 pm. Limited spaces!


Creating a good CV is one of the most important things to take into account before looking for a job. That’s why we bring this special CV Class for our students. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive pieces of advice on how to create a CV properly. This class will take place on the 6th of December in room 26. Sign up the list at the reception and go for it.


Would you like to talk to your Croatian friend or crush in their language, but you have no idea even about the basic greetings? Or even travel to Croatia and have good communication with the locals? Look no further! Come along to our Croatian Classes to get to know more about this incredible language! These classes will take place on the 6th and the 13th in room 26 at 4:30 pm.


Creating and writing their own Christmas Cards is something really appreciated by the Irish culture. How about learning how to do it and make your friends and family happier receiving a lovely Christmas card from you? Come along to learn more about it! On the 10th in room 26 at 4:30 pm. Sign up at the reception and go for it. Limited spaces.

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Christmas: it’s time to celebrate with people that you love! How about having a party to celebrate with friends who you’ve met at SEDA? Let’s have fun together! We will give away the wristbands for this special party! On the 13th of December from 9 pm at Tramline. Free entrance (if wearing the wristband) until 10:30 pm. Try to get there early to get free entrance. See you all there!

Everything has been prepared with care especially for you, our students. We hope you like the activities and have a Christmas full of love. Merry Christmas!

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