Chinese Class and Business Simulation Game: the last two classes of April

In order to give a perfect end to the month of April, the last two classes will be more than special: Chinese class and business simulation game. Learn a new language or get some business [...]


Dublin is a city full of stories and superstitions that have populated the imagination of its people for centuries. However, some of them are more real than others. Kilmainham Gaol is a museum [...]

Jobs Expo Dublin 2018: A great chance to uplift your career

This Saturday, 28th of April from 10 am to 16 pm will be carried out Jobs Expo Dublin and it takes place in Croke Park Stadium, Dublin 3. Check out the information and the rules below and see how [...]

Check out the fourth week of activities with SEDA

The fourth week of activities has just started and it’s more exciting than ever. This time the students will have different sort of activities focused on the body such as Yoga, Fit Dance, [...]


People with hypertension, who routinely take some medications, need special care and diet, are not prevented from making long trips abroad. However, if you are going to spend time outside your [...]

15 Tips to learn English alone

Looking for some tips to learn English alone? SEDA College Online, in addition to providing free English classes, teaches you how to study the new language on your own. Check out our tips below! [...]

Check out the third week of activities with SEDA

As everybody knows, SEDA College offers every month different kinds of activities to complement the student’s path to fluency. In this third week of activities, besides of the traditional [...]

Iron Throne Experience: time to claim your realm

For all Game of Thrones fans, the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne will be given to you because Dublin was recently added as the newest capital city of the Seven Kingdoms. This is your [...]

Eastern with SEDA: make your own chocolate eggs

After one week off of no classes, SEDA students will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop that celebrates Easter. This time they will learn how to prepare their own delicious [...]

April with SEDA: enjoy springtime with us

After one month of celebrations with many activities extolling St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish culture, April with SEDA comes full of news and brings with it the spring vibe and the various [...]

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