Chinese Class and Business Simulation Game: the last two classes of April

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In order to give a perfect end to the month of April, the last two classes will be more than special: Chinese class and business simulation game. Learn a new language or get some business vocabulary and even train for future business situations. The classes will be in room 14 and room 01 respectively. Join and enjoy the classes!

Chinese Class: Although it is quite difficult, the Chinese language is one of the most spoken in the world, by the number of native Chinese speakers, although it’s not widely spoken outside the Sino-Taiwanese community. So, come and learn a little bit about the official language of the countries that for many experts have already surpassed the US economic importance, and has pretensions and forecasts to grow even more in the political and economic scenario of international relations. Come to class and enjoy this opportunity. It will be in room 14 at 4:30 pm.

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Business Game Simulation: In this game, the students will set up their companies and they will have to elaborate a plan of administration and sales together with their teammates. The main purpose is to make students practice English with an emphasis on business and also to practice for future situations that require leadership and team spirit. It’s going to happen in Room 01 at 4:30 pm. Don’t miss this chance! Bring your computer. The winners will have some surprises.

So don’t miss out these opportunities to learn a new language and also to practice and learn some business vocabulary by negotiating with your colleagues. Chinese class and business simulation game can broaden your horizons and give you even more opportunities in the future. Come and bring your enthusiasm and dedication. Enjoy!

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