Pet sitter and dog walker role in Ireland: websites and tips

One possible job during the exchange program is pet sitter or dog walker. Many students get extra money and love giving part of their time to care for someone else’s animals. But first of all, [...]

Ireland is considered Europe’s best group destination

Ireland took home the prize of Europe’s Best Destination for Groups in the category at the 23rd edition of the Group Travel Awards in June in London. Emerald Isle got the first prize and [...]

Kaizen Recruitment open day helps students to get a job in Ireland

SEDA Jobs Club has been running some recruitment events over the months of June and July. This time, Kaizen Recruitment will come to the school to help students find a job in Ireland. Check out [...]

The importance of grammar classes

Some people hate it, some people love it, but the truth is that grammar is by far one of the most important things in the English learning process people have to come across. If an English [...]

Guide: what to do in Dublin in 1 day?

Dublin is a fantastic city and if you love travelling and want to go to the capital of the Emerald Isle for a quick visit, see what you can do in Dublin in 1 day. Check it out: WHAT TO DO IN [...]

Are you prepared to live in Ireland? Find out here

Forget money, the approval of your parents or work, there are other aspects to take into account if you want to live in Ireland, and these are much more important than all the other steps. As you [...]

8 most common mistakes in your exchange

Studying abroad is many people’s biggest dream, but sometimes the high expectation, the lack of a good planning or even insecurity might turn a great opportunity for personal and [...]

Walking tour with SEDA College

As soon as the students get here in Dublin, they might feel a little bit confused with many different locations and places. Sometimes they even feel uncomfortable to go somewhere because they are [...]

20 reasons to study at SEDA College

There are several English schools in Dublin, that’s fact. But what should you take into account when choosing yours? If you are in this stage of the exchange, here are 20 reasons to study [...]

July calendar: check out our activities for this month

A new month has just arrived and we have many new activities which were prepared especially for our students. Check them below in our July calendar. POLISH CLASS Learning a new language is always [...]

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