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SEDA extra activities calendar is a traditional and a very important tool for our students to improve their English. For this reason, we have classes like Conversation, Grammar, Pronunciation, and so many more. However, some students have crossed the line of being only part of the audience to become teachers in our extra classes. So, Are you one of our students? Do you have any special skill that you feel comfortable with sharing it? So this is your chance! Be an extra activity teacher and get a recommendation letter from SEDA College. Check the rules below:

How to apply to be an extra activity teacher: 

– Be enrolled as a student in SEDA;
– Have a certain level of English, at least be an intermediate student;
– Have a special skill to be turned into an extra class;
– Email [email protected] or [email protected] registering as a teacher.

Some students who already taught in our extra classes shared their experiences. Check below:

Karate and Self Defence Class

Tatsuya Takimoto is one of those who decided to be an extra activity teacher. He said: “At the beginning of the class I was a bit nervous with the big audience we had, but then I noticed that the students were enjoying a lot and it made me feel more comfortable. I also could bring together my abilities as a karate teacher and some English vocabulary focused on this class. In the end, the experience was really nice”, added Tatsuya.


Makeup Workshop

Vitória Gonçalves, is a Brazilian student who always loved cosmetics and makeup products, decided to be an extra activity teacher as well. She said: “The possibility of sharing what I have always loved with other students was a great idea. I talked to Rômulo and he said it was ok for me to give a makeup workshop. So I prepared everything one week before and the class was an incredible experience for me.” This workshop was one of the most popular classes in our last month activities calendar.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and sign as an extra activity teacher, share your skills, and get an international recommendation letter that can be used as working experience for your future job applications. You can talk to Rômulo personally on his office on the 3rd floor or you can email [email protected] or [email protected] Don’t wait any longer. Go for it!

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