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The most expected event of June was definitely a success. SEDA students from many different countries joined their teams to attend both male and female tournaments of SEDA Football World Cup. Check below the highlights of this incredible activity.


Female Tournament

Ladies started playing first and the match was fairly disputed. The first half ended in 3×2 for the pink team, but the players from both sides were giving all of themselves to get the first place. In the second half, it seemed that the team with the best physical preparation performed better. The final score of the match was 7×3 for the pink team, that ended up the tournament in the first place.

Isabele Garcez, member of the winning team shared how it was her experience: “The tournament was really cool. Both teams fought for the trophy and I think the details made all the difference. I am happy to have won but I am also happy to have had the opportunity to play soccer with some of my classmates. It was definitely a nice experience”, said Isabele.


Match: 7×3
The champions: Pink Team
Best player of the tournament: Maria del Rosario from Bolivia, who scored 4 goals.

Male Tournament

Initially, the lads would play in a sort of knockout stage due to a large number of teams, but the good surprise was that everybody had the chance to play more than only one match. The tournament had two different groups where the teams faced one another and the two best teams from each group went to the semifinals. This was exactly what happened to the teams B, F, G, and H.

The semifinals were like this: B x G and F x H. At this stage of the tournament, two outstanding players from two different teams were fairly fighting for the golden boot and the top goal scorer. André Ferrari from team B, who had already scored 6 goals and Frederico Diehl from team F, who had scored 5 goals.

The final round was between team B and team H. The match was exciting from the very beginning until the end. The teams were very concentrated and focused on winning. The first half ended with the score of 2×0 for team B, but on the second half, team H scored one goal and the match turned into a real world cup final. Unfortunately for team H, they ran out of time. The match was over with the score of 2×1 and SEDA Football world cup had its first champion in the male tournament.


Match: 2×1
The champions: Team B
Best player of the tournament: André Ferrari from Brazil, who scored 7 goals.

Below you can see a video with some of the best moments of SEDA Football World Cup. Enjoy it and see you next time.

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