SEDA Jobs Club promotes Helpling Open Day

SEDA Jobs Club promoting another event to help students find work in Ireland. Next Wednesday, 11th December, at 12 pm, Helpling, a cleaning services company, is coming to SEDA College to hold an [...]

Ways to prepare yourself for the Irish job market

When you start your exchange program in Ireland you are faced with a whole new reality when it comes to the job market. It is another pace and customs, different selection process and even other [...]

PPS: what is it, what is it for and how to get it?

The Personal Public Service, or simply PPS as it’s known, is one of the most important documents that students and workers must have when they arrive in Ireland. But do you know what is it [...]

SEDA Jobs Club: in two months, 20 students got jobs in Ireland

In addition to learning English during the exchange in Ireland, students have also the possibility to work while studying. With this in mind, SEDA College has set up a specific department to [...]


A few months ago we published here on the blog an article about the casting auditions for a famous TV series so that the students could participate and who knows to be part of the cast of this [...]

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