Don’t be discouraged: Celebrate the end of the year even away from your family

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The end of the year is really a very magical time, it seems that people get more sensitive, caring and loving. Maybe because Christmas and New Year make us reflect on everything we’ve been through the year. And for those who live abroad, being away from family can be a very sad time, because homesickness tightens even more. But don’t let it affect you!

Do you know that story of ‘enjoying the moment’? That what we live now is always a “gift”? So you are in another country, living amazing experiences! Enjoy this, immerse yourself in the local culture and have fun with new friends. Check some tips below!

– Enjoy the decoration and shops of your city, depending on the country you are in, like the USA, Ireland and others, they take Christmas decorations very seriously.

Photo: Gabrielle Figueiredo

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The shops are crowded, Christmas markets and malls bring much news. The houses are all lit up, and walking around the neighborhoods of the city where you can find those little houses that look all the same will make you feel like you’re on a Christmas movie, the ones that you’ve always watched on TV.

– Join a Secret Santa, which is a habit all over the world. Families and staff members from your work might do it. It can also be called Kris Kindle, as it is called in Ireland.

– Enjoy all the celebrations of the place you are, go to Christmas parades, skating rinks, visit Santa Claus in the malls, shows, and fireworks for New Year.

Photo: Gabrielle Figueiredo

– Have a Christmas dinner with your friends, try the traditional local foods. Invest in a cool trip with your friends to count down to the New Year.

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– Give yourself a gift, buy that bag, clothes, something you’ve been longing for a long time. This is the moment. You deserve it!

–  And last but not least, use technology. You can participate in the celebrations with your family! Make a video call and share this moment with them. You will be present at your grandmother’s house like every year, even if it’s from a cell phone screen.

Photo: Freepik

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Your family certainly wants you to be happy, not isolated, enjoying with new friends, they are in the same situation, away from family, with the same feelings and longing. Then it will be a mutual help and everyone will have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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