Don’t be discouraged: Celebrate the end of the year even away from your family

The end of the year is really a very magical time, it seems that people get more sensitive, caring and loving. Maybe because Christmas and New Year make us reflect on everything we’ve been [...]

Christmas movies to test your English level

Is this an English class? Kind of. However, you can extract some valuable tips from these Christmas movies that we listed here. Remember to watch them without subtitles to test your level of [...]

Christmas markets in Ireland for you to enjoy during the end of the year

Christmas is coming and we can already feel its atmosphere in the air, and in order to make the most of this time of year, how about visiting some Christmas Markets in Ireland? We made a list [...]


Christmas is coming and this time of the year is perfect to bring everybody together and celebrate. In SEDA it won’t be different, of course. That’s why we decided to bring some [...]

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