August calendar: let’s celebrate SEDA’s 10th anniversary

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August has just arrived, and in this month we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SEDA College! We are really glad to commemorate this special date with our students.

Check out the activities that we have prepared for this month and join them! Happy August and happy 10 years of SEDA College!

Exams Preparation

As every month, in August we will have Exams Preparation, such as PET, FCE, IELTS and CAE. Check out for which Exams you want to prepare yourself. See below the dates for them.

Tour around Dublin

A tourist guide (who is one of our teachers) will take the students for a tour around the city! You can learn more about Dublin and Irish history in this walk! On the 7th. Meeting point: Student Lounge at 4:30 pm.

Inspiring stories

Hearing motivational stories is one of the most effective things which can motivate you to never give up your dreams! Come and join this activity. On the 27th, room 13.

SEDA Fun Day in the Park

On the day before our Summer Break, we will meet the whole school in the park. You can meet your ex-classmates and teachers and also make new friends. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a lot of fun! This activity will take place on the 9th, during your class time, in Phoenix Park.

Speed Drawing

Do you want to develop or improve your skills in drawing? Come and join this activity. On the 29th, room 13.

SEDA Jobs Club Meet Up

SEDA Jobs Club is a department which was created to help our students find a job. If you want to subscribe to this program and learn more about it, don’t miss out our meet up on the 06th and 27th from 4:30 pm.

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CV & Cover Letter Clinical

This is a class that every student should go to! Let’s improve your CV and Cover Letter and get tips for business. You will have the opportunity to do it on Friday 2nd and 30th.

SEDA’s Party

Let’s celebrate our 10th year anniversary together? On the 30th we are going to have a party!

Barista Course

Our very traditional barista course takes place on Wednesday the 28th. If you are interested in attending this course, go to the reception and book your place. The cost of the course is € 25 (twenty-five) and you have to pay for it before the day of the course. The first part is theory and the second part is practice. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate from the teacher and also a certificate from the school. Go for it!

We also have Grammar, Conversation and Preposition classes this month. Check out:

Sign up your name on the lists and go for the extra classes!

Do you want to learn English online with native speakers? Check our online platform and go for it! 

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