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Since its beginning, SEDA College has always been concerned with providing a complete service to its students. In order to make it happen, there are some qualities and services that only SEDA can offer. Get to know the differentials of SEDA College here!


  • SEDA has all the certifications indicated by the Irish government (EAQUALS, ILEP and ACELS);
  • SEDA won for three consecutive years the award for the best language school in Ireland by Education Stars;
  • SEDA’s academic program is divided into two parts, with two teachers, in order to make the learning process more practical and enjoyable. In addition, it has Oxford didactic materials;


  • Its location is in the center of the city, near bus stops and other means of transport;
  • SEDA has a canteen, a recreation area, computers available for its students, a lift for disable people, among others things;
  • The school has a marketing team responsible for dealing with students of different nationalities, which will assist and welcome these students in their native language;
  • SEDA has students of 20 different nationalities, which stimulates them to study English and further improve their skills;
  • It has some extracurricular activities to help the students to improve their English, such as conversation, grammar, and pronunciation classes, also writing classes, some workshops, and so many more;
  • SEDA offers some extra activities to improve their social development in and out of the school, such as dance classes, art workshops, cooking classes, trips, a volunteer program, and so many more;
  • The school has an internship program for its students, in partnership with 90 Irish companies, which students can have a professional opportunity and boost their career;


  • SEDA provides online classes as a complement to learn English with its SEDA College Online platform;
  • Apart from English, a different language is taught every month for free, such as German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, among others
  • SEDA offers specialized courses to help students to get a job in Ireland, such as a barista course, CV classes, LinkedIn and Job Interview workshops, among others;
  • SEDA celebrates important dates of each student’s country, so that they can feel a little less homesick;
  • The school provides support for external exams such as TIE, FCE, IELTS and others.
  • SEDA College’s website is available in three languages, as well as a social media network that interacts continuously with the students

These are the main differentials of SEDA College! Come and live this experience with us!

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