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Are you in Dublin? For those who put the capital of the Emerald Island on their backpacker route, came to visit a relative or just want to stay for a while, here is a short list of attractions that you can not miss while you are here.
Nominations range from famous places to destinations not very common or known by travelers.  It is worth looking into and putting on your list.

In three days in the Emerald Capital you can:

Visit the famous Irish pubs and the Temple Bar area

I imagine that you may have in mind spending a couple of hours of your trip in one of  Dublin’s famous  pubs.  Because of that, you just have to put this item on your list with some tips from the places I visit most. Chief among them is the Temple Bar, perhaps the best known pub in the city along with the Temple Bar area, which is the neighborhood surrounding the iconic red bar. Okay?   For a better explanation:

Let us continue.

Visit the most famous parks in the city and feed the deer at Phoenix Park

Dublin is a city with several wonderful parks  three of them really are worth a visit when you are here.

One is the Irish National War Memorial Gardens:


St Stephen’s Green:



The other is the largest fenced park in Europe: Phoenix Park. This park is home to the Dublin Zoo and home to deer that despite recommendations of not feeding them, it is impossible to not reach out to them without the coveted carrot.  I can also mention that the American Ambassador’s house is located here.


Drink a pint at the Guinness Factory:

This  can surely not be left out of your plans. A visit to the Guinness factory is a journey through the history of one of the most emblematic beer brands of  the world. You will get to know the brand’s complete evolution through time plus the  manufacturing process of one of the greatest Irish Prides.

At the end, savor a pint of beer with a privileged view of the city and end the walk in the restaurant to make better use of the time.  As an added plus  the food is truly delicious.

Get lost in the main streets of the city and its street performers

Henry Street


And at the end we have Grafton Street! One of the most famous streets in Europe (It is said that these are the most expensive square meters of the beautiful continent). There are several shops of different international brands.  You will also see artists, the so-called buskers, which are a show in themselves:


Visit the library and surroundings of Trinity College

One of the oldest and most famous universities in the world, which has its doors open daily for visitors to enter its beautiful buildings.

Something curious and funny about  the university, is that its main library served as inspiration for the filming of Harry Potter, just look:


Kilmainham Goal

You’ll be amazed at the story behind this abandoned prison.

Kilmainham Goal is a mandatory visit for anyone who is a fan of Irish history and art. The Kilmainham Prison is an abandoned prison that now serves as a museum and tells part of the history of Irish ancestors who were executed inside these walls in 1916 the year of the revolution.

Dublin Castle

Here the castles are real.

With guided or free walks you can get to know and visit The Dublin Castle.  It is one of the best known and important spots in the city. The building today, has  only one original tower left that dates back to 1226.  For 700 years, since its construction in the 13th century, Dublin Castle has served as a fortress, prison, treasury and justice house and seat of the English administration. This is  where the country’s official meetings take place.


Visit the various museums in the city

Yes, it was to be expected that a historic city like this would have several museums. Amongst them the Museum Of Natural History stands out.


The Whiskey Irish Museum

Others such as the Museum of Writers, the Leprechaun Museum or the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

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