Things that only who travelled with Ryanair will understand

The low-cost way of flying was invented by the Americans in 1967 with Southwest Airlines. Ryanair takes customers to every continent, but its users opinions about the low-cost airline have always [...]

Tips on how to avoid jet lag during and after your trips

Before we start giving advice on how to help avoiding jet lag, it’s important that you know what it is first, if you have never heard of the term. Jet Lag: modification of the sleep cycle, [...]

Dublin in 3 days

Texto: Joao Marcos Are you in Dublin? For those who put the capital of the Emerald Island on their backpacker route, came to visit a relative or just want to stay for a while, here is a short [...]


Trinity, Howth, Bray……想必都柏林的同學們是不是早已把愛爾蘭的各大旅遊景點看了個遍?然而想要真正了解一座城市,永遠不是去人最多的地方。停下來,留心那些少有人跡的去處,可能會有不一樣的收獲。 Kilmainham Gaol 這座監獄曾經關押過許多愛爾蘭革命人士,包括1916年愛爾蘭獨立運動的領導者。 [...]

How to make a decision?

How to make a decision? You just need to know what you want for your life and then make the choice that suits you better to reach that goal. Sounds easy right? Well, it is easy but in our daily [...]

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What to do if your bag gets lost on a flight?

By Joao Marcos   It can be really devastating when you arrive in your destination, tired after a long flight, and your bag doesn’t show up on the baggage carousel. It actually happened to me [...]

Have you seen these 2 picturesque parks of Dublin?

On days when you need serenity or on beautiful days, you just want or need to be outside, so why not join the many other Dubliners who love to get out and enjoy ‘the lungs of the [...]

Here are 13 amazing things you learn when going abroad

“The best things you learn aren’t the ones you learned in a classroom.” 1. First of all: Your life does NOT fit in one suitcase! 😉 Alas! It is one of the most common mistakes of [...]

All you need to know before visiting the beautiful Howth

In my second week, here in Dublin, I was asked by my roommate (in the hostel) if I wanted to accompany her and her two friends to the coast. Of course I wanted to explore the Irish countryside [...]

What do you need to know and do before going abroad?

A lot of partying, enjoying the beautiful weather and combining this all with an internship, study or work. Going abroad seems really great!” Many of you may have already thought about it, [...]

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