How much does it cost to live in Dublin?

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One of the major concerns of any student when it comes to choosing Ireland, and especially its Dublin capital as a destination, is the cost of living in the city.

Like any European capital, Dublin has all the facilities of the big metropolis, it is worth remembering that they have the second highest salary in Europe, the cost and quality of life in the Irish capital is quite acceptable.

We prepared a video with various students of different nationalities here from our school talking a little more about (and with experience of course) about the costs of life here.


Financial planning counts as one of the main aspects to consider before your exchange. The frequent question is: how much does it cost to live a month in Dublin? The answer depends on many factors such as the type of accommodation you choose, where you go to the supermarket and whether you use a bicycle or take the bus every day. However to make a kind of budget we see what aspects to consider for your monthly expenses in Dublin, take a pencil and paper and let’s start:


The price of rent depends on the type of accommodation, your options can vary between:

-Host Family: Providing great immersion into Irish culture, services and part of your food are included in your rate. (Between € 800 and € 900 per month)

– Shared housing: in a shared apartment there are many advantages such as dividing the costs of services between the number of people who live there, the cultural exchange that can be given and building great friendships. The cost varies for a private room (€ 400 – € 450) or if it is a shared room (€ 300 – € 380) aspects such as location, qualities of the building and number of people in the building affect the price.


There is a wide variety of supermarket chains to choose from, however, those famous for being economical and at the same time offering varied and quality products are Aldi, Lidl and Tesco (in that order). Putting an amount in this item is complicated because it is related to the specific diet of each person, making an approximate would be between € 80 and € 120 per month per person.


When choosing your final accommodation we must be attentive if it includes the “bills” or not. This represents the cost of services contracted in the home: Electricity, Internet, Water, etc. In case you live in a shared apartment the services are between € 30 and € 40 per month.


Dublin has an excellent public transport system: Dublin Bus, Luas, DART, Dublin Bikes, etc. The amount you spend on transportation will depend on the type of transportation you use since each fare is different and also where you live, because if you live near the center of the city you can probably walk every day to school or buy a bicycle and eliminate these costs.

Other aspects

Eating out and enjoying a few beers is also possible if you are aware of the promotions! Generally the sites offer a Student Meal with special price when you show a Student Leap Card and several pubs are known to include in their schedule days of discounts. It is important to remember that in Ireland most museums and galleries are free! The parks are also at your disposal for fun and sports.

Although budgets can vary a lot depending on the person, if you live in a shared room we can aim for an approximate between € 650 and € 700 a month (with a clear student visa style!) This amount will increase if you have another type of accommodation.


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