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SEDA vegan week was definitely amazing. Five days totally focused on veganism and ways to make nice dishes and desserts on the go vegan way. So as not to let it go, we decided to bring some useful information for all of our readers with the main purpose to give you some good sources and good references of vegan people, vegan websites, and profiles on social media. So check out below and take advantage of the opportunity to get know as much as you can from it. Here it goes!


Vegan Dishes:

Spaghetti with lentils and garlic onion tomato sauce.

  • Spaghetti (Tesco own brand);
  • Pasta sauce. Onion + garlic (Tesco own brand);
  • Green lentils;
  • Fresh basil (To garnish);
  • Nutritional yeast as an optional garnish (From health stores and supermarkets)

Vegan Desserts:

Vegan crepes

  • Soy milk 120ml (Tesco own brand);
  • Water 120ml;
  • Vegan butter/margarine 55g – Pure brand (Easy to find in most supermarkets);
  • Plain flour (150g);
  • Salt 1/4 teaspoon.

Preparation method:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until smooth;
  2. Grease a pan with vegan butter/margarine. Heat pan until hot. Pour approximately three tablespoons of butter into the pan. Swirl to cover the pan’s bottom. Cook until golden, flip and cook on the other side.

Toppings for crepes (Ideas):

  • Caramel, chocolate and other types of sauces available from Asia Market, Drury Street, Dublin 2. (€ 1,75 for a 200g jar);
  • Chocolate buttons (Tesco “Free from” section);
  • Dark chocolate 74%, (Tesco own brand);
  • Various types of fruit (Ask for cheap, special offers in Lidl, Audi, Tesco, etc.);
  • Ice cream (Swedish Glacé, found in Dunnes Stores, SuperValue, and other supermarkets);
  • Any kind of nuts you like;
  • Agave syrup/Golden syrup as a substitute for honey (available in many supermarkets).

Useful resources: (Support and advice for people who want to go vegan).
– Youtube channels: Bite Size Vegan, That Vegan Couple, Earthing Ed, James Aspey, Cheap Lazy Vegan (Recipes!) and Aine Carlin (Recipes/Lifestyle).

Documentaries/films: Cowspiracy (Netflix), Okja (Netflix); Earthlings (Youtube), Land of Hope and Glory (UK Earthlings – Youtube); What The Health (Netflix); Food Choices (Netflix).

Websites: – (Or Ethical Elephant on Instagram – Ideas + list of vegan + cruelty-free makeup + products) (Recipes + advice + facts) (Facts).

Instagram profiles: – Veghuns, Veghunks, Ethical Elephants, Cheap Lazy Vegan, Aine Carlin.

Cheap Vegan make-up (Cruelty-free): – E.L.F. (Find it in Penney’s, Superdrug, and other pharmacies); – Barry M (Boats, Marks & Spencer); – Catrice (Penney’s and some pharmacies); – Essence (Penney’s and some pharmacies); – Penney’s own brand makeup range, ‘PS’; – The body shop.

Not all makeup in these ranges is vegan, however, they are all cruelty-free (no animal testing). has lists of vegan products in these ranges and has vegan products listed under ‘ingredients’ of each product.

Cheap Cleaning products: – Astonish (Dealz, Eurogiant, and many other supermarkets).

Washing powder liquid for clothes: – Aldi (Own brand); Marks & Spencer (Own brand).

So we really hope that you take advantage of the information available. We are proud to say that SEDA Vegan week will have a legacy and we hope that you take some time of your lives to think more about the planet and the animals too. Go green; go vegan!


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